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Original ATE brake discs

Always the first choice

The name says it all

You can be sure that we set the same high standards for our Original ATE brake discs as we do for our original equipment for major car brands.

In other words, the quality of the materials and workmanship is first class. The discs are precisely tailored to each car model to produce the best possible braking performance. Our experience and passion for creating new ideas helps us to achieve this pioneering quality.

Modern technology, proven precision

We have a very precise way of doing things, not only in the combination of materials, but also in their manufacture – because precise production is decisive for safe, vibration-free and comfortable braking. This also applies to our high-carbon brake discs: they avoid brake judder, increase driving comfort and are also extremely durable.

Available for 98%
of European manufacturers’ vehicles

Is this an Original ATE part?

It’s simple to check.

Just scan the MAPP code on the packaging with your smartphone – and you’ll know right away if it’s a genuine ATE product.

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Coated brake discs

High level of corrosion resistance, classy looks

Brake discs with fixing screws

Including the “Little Helpers”

Two-piece brake discs

Top-Performance für Supersportler

Brake discs with integrated wheel bearings

Bundled expertise

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