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Continental Delivers ATE Original Brake Pads with 88% Euro Coverage

  • Comprehensive line features original equipment friction specifications



Allentown, PA June 5, 2018 - Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket, a leading and trusted aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered aftermarket parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, brake systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, engine management, fuel systems, and instrumentation, offers an exceptional line of ATE Original Brake Pads that deliver 88% coverage for European vehicle applications. Featuring leading brake technology, ATE Original Brake Pads are formulated to original equipment friction specifications and built and tested to meet or exceed manufacturers standards.


ATE Original Brake Pads instantly deliver maximum braking power without fade, squeal, or judder. They are engineered for low heat transmission to prevent pedal failure. All brake pads are equipped with under layers and noise damping sheets to minimize noise during braking.

According to Dan Caciolo, Head of Product Management for Continental Independent Aftermarket Powertrain & Brake Systems, “Our ATE Original Brake Pads meet all of the safety provisions set out by ECE regulations. We go above and beyond to conduct stricter testing protocols to ensure the highest quality product. Our pads are available with more than 160 different pad mixtures to ensure ideal application. They deliver optimal comfort characteristics to ensure smooth operation.”


ATE Original Brake Pads provide excellent coverage for European vehicles including Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Range Rover, Renault, Saab, smart, Volkswagen, Volvo.


ATE is an aftermarket brand of Continental Corporation, one of the world's leading brake system manufacturers and suppliers. From the introduction of the first hydraulic brake system in 1926 to the development of the first antilock braking system prototype in 1967, the ATE brand has a rich history of innovation and experience in the design and production of advanced brake system technologies.