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ATE Brake Fluid

When the brake fluid starts boiling, it's too late. Braking gives rise to high brake fluid temperatures. In extreme cases the fluid begins to boil and causes vapor or gas bubbles to form in the brake system. This vapor or gas can be compressed allowing the brake pedal to be pressed all the way to the floor but the vehicles braking system is not functioning properly.

Reason enough to check the brake fluid at regular intervals with the ATE BFT 320 brake fluid tester. If the measured boiling point in the reservoir is less than 180° C, you should change the fluid. Independent studies have shown that seven out of ten vehicles need new braking fluid.

Always the right brake fluid for your vehicle

When you change brake fluid, always use the correct fluid and not the cheapest one. For pre-1990 vehicles a fluid with a oneyear change interval suffices. For modern post-1990 vehicles only the best will do: ATE SL.6.

The original ATE brake fluid:

State-of-the-art systems need state-of-the-art brake fluids

To maintain the functional reliability of the brake system, brake fluid must be changed according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer (quality and change interval).

Of course, ATE has the right brake fluid, in various container sizes, for the different requirements of specific vehicles.